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All of our hair can be bleached and colored. In order to achieve your desired color using our natural black hair, its recommended that you consult with a professional hairstylist. Over processing (bleaching) your tresses can damage the bundles and limited its life span. Through our experience we find that 613 (blonde) colored hair work best for coloring or creating new looks considering the hair has already been professionally processed. 


We understand that you want the best hair for your investment and we take pride in providing just that. As a reminder, all hair sheds including your natural hair, so minimum to no shedding is normal. Closures and frontals tend to shed more often than bundles since the individual hair strands are tied onto the lace. Bleaching of knots also lead to more notifiable shedding or balding of these hair pieces because the hair becomes fragile.

Please note, the life of a frontal or closure are shorter than of hair bundles and cutting of bundle wefts may increase possible shedding. Sealing the weft of your bundles is also recommended.




Straight & Wavy - comb the starting at the ends and gradually make your way up the hair. Using a wide tooth comb is recommended.

Curly - Section the hair first. Use a spray bottle to wet the hair and comb using your finger. Start at end and make your way up. Finish off your curls with your fav hair care products.

Washing & Drying: We encourage you to wash your bundles at least once a week or as often a you notice build up from different hair products. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Wash the hair in warm water and allow it to air dry. **Add a moisturizer to the hair while damp for more hydration and a more luxurious appearance. Remember hair that is no longer attached to its donor may become dry or brittle due to lack of natural oils.



Heat: When applying heat do so at a safe temperature. Daily usage is not recommended. Flexi roding hair is also encouraged to limited daily curling.

Nighttime: Sleeping with satin bonnets or scarfs help avoid breakage and leave your hair looking smooth and luscious.


8-12in up to 2 bundles

14-18in up to 3 bundles

20-26in up to 4 bundles

28in and up. 5 bundles or more

Please remember this is general information. Depending on how natural or full you like your hair, you can use as many bundles as you desire. Each bundle weights about 3.5 oz. Longer length tend to have a smaller weft in comparison to bundles that are shorter in length. However,  each weights out the same.

We encourage you to treat the hair as your own. Following all "Maintaining My Extension" is a must and will help with longevity of your hair extensions!





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